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History of RealCaps

Creation of RealCaps Company


Its inception was promoted by steadily growing public interest in qualitative non-pharmacological preparations, as well as by demand for qualitative services in the field of production dietary supplements.
RealCaps launched its first oils’ product line in the form of seamless soft gelatin capsules.

Vitamins and minerals


Vitamins and minerals indispensable in the fight against the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 have been released.



The company released KUSALOCHKA IMMUNO® expanding the range of the beloved KUSALOCHKA®

Separate subdivision


The Company opened a separate subdivision in the Rostov region, where it processes the agricultural raw materials, thus ensures the production of a full cycle of products.



RealCaps launched the KUSALOCHKA™ product, which has won immense popularity among consumers.



The company and some new investors opened its own cosmetics production site.

Soft gelatin capsules


RealCaps launched a workshop for the production of soft gelatin capsules (Softgel) enabling them to release more complex preparations in a form convenient for the consumer.
Up to 1 g capsules became available to the consumers.



Organization of own analytic laboratory.

Equipment for the pre-packing


The company launched equipment for the pre-packing of hard gelatin capsules. It ensures a full production cycle (preparation of substance, pre-packing, dust removal, control of ready to use capsules).

Safety Policy

   The Company has launched the Food Safety Management System (the “FSMS”) since 2014. The first document developed under the FSMS was Food Safety Management Policy published on the corporate website. Many actions for implementation of requirements of the international standard ISO 22000 were carried out in 2015. The Company continuously carried out the actions for the FSMS maintenance and actualization and aimed at the release of safe products. Keeping of required records, as well as adherence of the corporate staff to personal hygiene requirements, sanitary production requirements is only a small portion of the actions in place. RealCaps paid quit great attention to the content of allergic raw materials in our products. Subject to TR CU 021/2011, this category involves fish oil, soy lecithin, and lactose. In-house production laboratory controls fatty acids content of supplied raw materials and released products.

   In April 2018, our company had successfully passed the certification audit for compliance with ISO 22000 with the international certification body DQS.

During the audit certification body noted the following strengths:
1. Leadership and commitment of the company's management to ensure the safety and quality of the released products;
2. Wide range of socially significant products for consumer health, of which for children;
3. Competent staff, team-based work, precise allocation of responsibilities and powers;
4. Modern technical equipment;
5. Production support by own raw material components.

   The certificate of compliance confirms compliance of Food Safety Management System to ISO 22000:2018.